Dane taking advantage of California’s legendary unpainted red curbs.

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Some hot behind the scenes action… @danebrady @polarskateco @pontus_alv @converse_cons 🌤✌🏼
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Barge at will.

Thanks everyone for the concern and support regarding the smash-and-fortunately-no grab. Meth is a hell of a drug and a scourge and slavemaker of humanity.

Shout out to Allen and Aaron of Mt. Hood Glass for the same day repair. More than appreciative of the customer service.
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Emile was gone for like 15 minutes after this. Who knows how long the line went…
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So, if Dane is your favorite skater’s favorite skater and Nick is Dane’s favorite skater you should probably pick up a Transportation Unit board and be like your favorite skater’s favorite skater’s favorite skater. 📹@danebrady ‘s @transportationunit ‘s @nick_rios remix
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