Pharmacy fam Aesop Rock has a new vid for his track “Hot Dogs” debuting on Thrasher today. All proceeds from sales/streaming/pre-orders now through Nov. 23rd will be donated to Grind for Life. Lyrical wizard and kick ass philanthropist. Check it.
Music/Lyrics/Treatment: @aesoprockwins
Dir. of Photography: @khmedia
Editing: Drapeco Filming and Editing
Best Boy: Jake “@gascoyne” Gascoyne
Best Girl: Margot
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“We didn’t get the new Transworld yet, did we?” Translation through the Dane filter: “Dude! I’m super stoked! Price killed it on this photo and they’re putting it on the cover!!” Guess we’ll do all this for you. Hard to tag everyone with a flip phone… @polarskateco @converse_cons @carharttwip @carharttwip_usa @acetrucks @bonesbearings #Repost @priceyhot (@get_repost) ・・・ Seeing your photo on the cover will always be sick… Thanks to @transworldskate and @jaimeowens for granting @danebrady and myself our first cover of TWS! 💪🏼❤️

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Epic Miller flip finale. Completely nailed it.

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Dane taking advantage of California’s legendary unpainted red curbs.

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Some hot behind the scenes action… @danebrady @polarskateco @pontus_alv @converse_cons 🌤✌🏼
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