**WE BLEW IT AT SOME POINT** Despite some heavy leakage we’re premiering the new Polar video this Saturday Aug 25th at Mt Tabor. We’ll be up at the top starting about 7PM with some skating, timed lap trials and refreshments. Video should be starting about 8:30PM. All the guys will be back in town by then so come see it again for the first time. Heavy PDX presence in this one…as most of you already know. πŸ‘Š@deesee for the motion graphic
πŸ‘Š@khmedia for the loop
πŸ‘Š@keendistusa for the event support
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**TONIGHT @ 9:30PM**
**930 SE Sandy** **21+**
Tristan and Tucker’s second installment of the ongoing carnage that is Portland Public Skateboarding debuts tonight.
Congrats @thebrilliantlewis and @filmingonhardwheels
Doing yeoman’s work out there.
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That sound is the wind whistling between his ears. Not a single thought but skateboarding on Emile’s mind for the next 6 weeks.

@emile2ooo ripped from the headlines of @gx1000 ..
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Sebo showing off the manual ninja skills for the 2UP contest at The Berrics. Definitely dressing the part this year dude. Congrats on the double black belt certification.
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Bledsoe. So blessed. **Close eyes and just listen first.**
**Now open and watch** #Repost @quasiskateboards
@m.a.d.c.a.p πŸ’†β€β™‚οΈ @bennymaglinao
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