So, if Dane is your favorite skater’s favorite skater and Nick is Dane’s favorite skater you should probably pick up a Transportation Unit board and be like your favorite skater’s favorite skater’s favorite skater. 📹@danebrady ‘s @transportationunit ‘s @nick_rios remix
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DANE’S BOARD RELEASE Casual Afternoon Soirée Dane is hella pro now and the great guys at Polar and Theories of Atlantis have blessed us with an early release of all 3 of his new models. To celebrate we’re having a little get together at the shop Sunday 3/19 at 5pm. Stop by, have a drink, maybe a little food and check out his board. We have a limited # on hand to sell Sunday and more showing up early next week available for pre-purchase. Couldn’t be more proud of this dude. You too, Emile. 📸@priceyhot

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